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There is a famous rap lyric that a ‘not so shy’ group member sang unashamedly when we came together to debate, collaborate and create the most impressive list of online educational tools that will help serve classroom needs going forward…

Rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill…”  well unlike our good friend Nelly we robbed the Internet to help foster progressive educational ideas and concepts:

Behold… the 2012 ‘Backpack List’ – Happy Investigating!

#1 Discovery Educator Network
Following trend that encourages network collaboration to further solve global challenging issues, like those effecting education, the Discovery channel’s interactive community for teachers, parents, students generates diverse content to help both inside and outside the classroom.

#2 Zotero
Research papers begin long before one hits the University scene but thanks to this program – this site helps students exchange/store/annotate online resources.

#3 ABCya.com
Online gaming & app resource which provides entertaining ways to learn elementary mathematics; check the Tech & Learning magazine article.

#4 ASSIST app
Our list would simply not be complete without giving a local Texas shout out to the innovative company All In Learning; if you’ve seen the classroom where students use a ‘clickr’ to take tests?  Oh ya – that’s just one headline to many these guys claim ownership to.

#5 Edmodo
Coming hot off the press and conference proceedings at SXSWedu, CEO Nic Borg sets the bar to help build a community model which helps leverage social media advantages and elevate educations’s societal role.

#6 Khan Academy
Think that a school system can’t be built on video alone?  Think again – because to date Khan Academy has delivered 134,600,469 video lessons.  Learn at your leisure – now that’s an interesting idea.

#7 Scratch
Built by the friendly MIT Think Tank folks, this interactive tool helps kiddos between 8 and 12 learn to code.

#8 LiveMocha
Online conversation stands to require a certain familiarity as technology advances and expands the global village; stop by this net-based community to learn one (or more) of the world’s 38 more common languages and offer your own expertise.

#9 USATodayCollege.com
In a way this Twitter feed serves as the last frontier / opening chapter to the transition which moves a student from primary to higher education; it’s an unnerving time but USA Today hopes that conversing about this adjustment will help.

#10 TEDEd
This extensive online lecture series follows along the simple premise and quote these truly are ‘Lessons worth Sharing’.

If there are any honorable mentions or other neat-o tech tools which help education – please feel free to share and send links!