I stumbled across this clip the other day and it inspired me about our upcoming project creation. Knowing that we will not be able to change education overnight, what can we zero in and focus on to just have a starting place. Ken Robinson, British author and education expert, covered a variety of topics. But the two that stuck out were, how children are so easily diagnosed with ADHD and how group collaboration can be more useful for students. Also, his overall point was how millions of students are easily being forgotten due to the fact that they are not reaching societies standard of excellence or being smart enough.

This semester I began working on a teaching certification and I have learned that it is very important to include and engage all students in the class. Students will have various special needs, but the point is not to cast them aside because they may be lacking, not paying attention or falling behind. Also, children are being born into a very stimulating time and era. There is Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, commercials, advertisements for everything and just being targeted at them fighting for their attention. This can then lead to not caring about what takes place in the classroom and later possibly lead to someone telling them that they need medication to control their hyperness.

For the project, maybe we can create a classroom of the future so that children will be able to effectively work in groups using various devices to promote enhanced learning for the forgotten student.